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Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood floors lend a rich sophistication to any home. But years of foot traffic eventually take a toll, causing the original finish to look dull and lifeless. Or perhaps hard use has damaged the finish and even the underlying wood.

Freshen Up offers two levels of service designed restore that mirror-like shine to your hardwood floor.

If your existing floor finish is simply dull or worn, Freshen Up offers a screen and recoat service. This service includes a light sanding of your existing floor finish to remove accumulated dirt and prepare the surface to allow new polyurethane to properly adhere. After a thorough vacuuming and damp mopping with mineral spirits, one new coat of polyurethane will provide a like-new shine.

This process typically requires one day. After drying overnight, your new floor finish will be ready for light traffic the next morning. It will reach full hardness in about five days.

However, if your existing floor finish has been damaged with deep scratches, gouges or discoloration, Freshen Up offers a full sand and refinish service. This service includes sanding to completely removing all of your existing floor finish and expose bare wood. This is followed by multiple sandings with progressively finer sand paper to achieve a silky smooth surface . Finally, after a thorough vacuuming and damp mopping with mineral spirits, two coats of polyurethane are applied on successive days.

This process typically takes two days with overnight drying required each night. Your new floor will be ready for light traffic on the morning of the third day and ready for full service in about a week.

There will be a minimum charge of $500 for all combined hardwood refinishing services.

Refinished Hardwood Floor

Older hardwood floors can take on a like-new shine after Freshen Up sands them to bare wood and applies a new finish.

Hardwood Refinishing Prices

Screen/Recoat Floor From $1.00 Per square foot
Screen/Recoat Steps Without Posts $10 Each
Screen/Recoat Steps With Posts $15 Each
Sand/Refinish Floor From $2.50 Per square foot
Sand/Refinish Steps Without Posts $25 Each
Sand/Refinish Steps With Posts $35 Each