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Carpet Cleaning Services

Freshen Up offers high-quality carpet cleaning at exceptional prices in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Suffolk.

Freshen Up offers three levels of cleaning to match the level of soil in your carpet. All three levels utilize the hot water extraction cleaning method. Specially formulated carpet cleaning detergents loosen soil and grime while 230⁰ steam dissolves the dirt and whisks it away. Your carpet is left fresh and clean.

Our Basic Clean is intended for those carpets may have dry, tracked in soils, but no grey traffic lanes or heavy, black, greasy dirt. Basic cleaning starts at $99 for up to 4 rooms.

Our Pre-Spray Clean is designed for carpets that show gray traffic lanes in addition to dry, tracked in soils. Gray traffic lanes are caused by body oils holding on to dirt in heavy traffic areas. Special chemicals designed to break down those body oils are applied to the carpet prior to cleaning. Then our basic clean can whisk away the dirt. Pre-Spray Clean starts at $125 for up to 4 rooms.

Our Power-Scrub Clean is intended for carpets that have black, greasy areas that need special attention to come clean. We pre-spray those troubled areas and then use a power scrubber (like a giant scrub brush) to loosen greasy dirt while lifting packed down carpet fibers. With this preparation, our basic clean can get your carpet completely clean. Power-Scrub Clean starts at $145 for up to 4 rooms.

Choose the cleaning level that is right for your carpet.

Related Services

When you call a Freshen Up technician to clean your carpet, he can also provide any of these related services:

Stain Protector – Factory applied carpet stain protectors can wear off after daily use and regular cleanings. Freshen Up can re-apply a stain protector to guard against future stains.

Stain Removal – Most carpet stains can be chemically removed from your carpet prior to cleaning.

Patching – Carpet damaged by cigarette burns, iron burns, pets or other causes can generally be patched so that the damaged area is unnoticeable

Pet Odor – Pet stains and odors in carpet can be eliminated by cleaning with a urine neutralizing agent. More extensive damage can be treated by replacing carpet padding, sealing the subfloor and cleaning both sides of the carpet.

Seam Repair – Frayed seams can generally be repaired so that they are once again unnoticeable.

Stretching – Wrinkles in your carpet can generally be stretched smooth again. And carpet that has come loose around the edges can be stretched and re-secured.

Metal Transition Strips – Worn or broken metal transition strips can be replaced.

Carpet Cleaning

Freshen Up offers three levels of carpet cleaning to match the level of soil in your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning

Basic Clean

Basic Clean $99 Any four areas up to 200 sq. ft. each. Includes detergent, deep steam cleaning, freshening scent.
Additional Areas - Basic $15 Each area
Stairs - Basic $15 Per flight

Carpet Cleaning

Pre-Spray Clean

Pre-Spray Clean $125 Any four areas up to 200 sq. ft. each. Includes Basic Clean plus Pre-Spray.
Additional Areas - Pre-Spray $20 Each area
Stairs - Pre-Spray $20 Per flight
Carpet Cleaning

Power Scrub Clean

Power Scrub Clean $145 Any four areas up to 200 sq. ft. each. Includes Basic Clean and Pre-Spray plus Power Scrub.
Additional Areas -Power Scrub $25 Each area
Stairs - Power Scrub $25 Per flight

Related Services

Stain Protector $25 Per room
Stain Removal $10 Per stain
Patching $20 Up to 12" x 12"
Seam Repair $10 Per foot, minimum $20
Stretching $30 Per area, unfurnished
Pet Odor $25 - $150 Per area depending on severity of damage
Metal Transition Strips $40 Up to 4 feet